Black Box Professional Services, founded in 2004, is a subsidiary corporation of Black Box Corporation.., and provides advertising and marketing services, and other business services, to businesses.

The company is also affiliated with Franchise Acquisition Corporation, Premier Marketing Corporation, Premier Computer Corporation, and One Source Business Solutions. Franchise Acquisition Corporation, founded in 2004, provides licensee development services, and business consultation and development in the fields of acquisition and development of, and operational support for, franchisees and licensees. Premier Marketing Corporation, founded in 2008, provides all aspects of business development services, including administrative, advertising, and marketing services, to businesses, and Premier Computer Corporation, founded in 2008, and, One Source Business Solutions, founded in 1999, provides professional computer services to businesses.


Our success lies in the success of our clients. Accordingly, striving to provide effective and proficient innovative solutions, our professional team undertakes the tasks of all responsibilities with the mindset of becoming an asset and integral part of your company. From the time that our company becomes affiliated with a client to the inception of advertising and marketing campaigns, or conception of other business or computer services, our business professionals work with your company to enhance the business and sales operations and infrastructure of the computer and network architecture.., bottom line, increasing revenues and profits.

In reality, ultimately.., our goal is to provide our clients professional services that benefit and support our client’s business growth plan.



The business development services provided range from, but are not limited to, business consulting & valuation services, design and administration of advertising and marketing campaigns, database and spreadsheet development, desktop publishing design, document & form design, logo design, and, website design and maintenance.


The computer services provided range from, but are not limited to, computer consulting services, computer forensic & security services, electronic security surveillance integration, development & integration of business applications, graphic design & photo editing, computer networking, office automation, and, system analysis & management. 


The website services provided range from, but are not limited to, website consulting services, design and development of websites, social media development services, and, search engine optimization and management.


The business development services, website services, and computer services are provided with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, plus a minimum 15% up to 35% conditional Price Match Guarantee. Additionally, our company offers a minimum 5% up to 15% Savings Guarantee on major media advertising costs plus minimum 5% up to 15% conditional Greater ROI Guarantee on major media advertising services, minimum 10% up to 15% conditional Greater ROI Guarantee on major marketing campaign services, and, a 100% conditional Guarantee on the administration and development of license programs. 

DISCLAIMER: The terms and conditions of the "GUARANTEES" are subject to amendments or modifications without notice at the sole discretion of the company; which terms and conditions of the "GUARANTEES" shall be governed by the terms and conditions agreed between the company and the client, or, in the alternative, currently published on this company website. Additionally, the terms and conditions of the "GUARANTEES" currently published on this company website supersede the terms and conditions of "GUARANTEES" printed and/or published on all advertisements, directory listings, marketing materials, social media web pages, external websites, et al.  


Our company is a proud supporter of several non-profit organizations including the Wounded Warrior Project, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, Shriners Hospitals for Children, Susan G. Komen, and, ASPCA.., which organizations our company shares 8.5% of net profits. Additionally, our company reserves 13.5% of net profits for payment of business expenses and the acquisition of investment funds to launch and support the operations of a proven unique business.., which business model includes donation programs under a profit based royalty provision that benefits and financially supports our military veterans and veteran based organizations in numerous communities throughout the country.